We frequently hear the term "Digital Journey" used to describe the usually-lengthy process of switching your commercial, institutional or industrial facility from very limited monitoring and measuring to fully automated real-time machine management — but there is no "journey" with SiteWatch 360.

Instead, with SiteWatch 360, you need a few days to think about what you'd like to monitor and why, then a couple of days to install our equipment. Data flows instantly and you can get detailed analytics in the form of graphs, charts, reports and alerts by the next day - maybe a week in total.

Semiconductors Manufacturing Plant

The sooner the data flows, the sooner you can establish a baseline for your operations and get a detailed picture of how your machinery is running and what performance and efficiency issues might come to light.

It's like having an X-ray machine looking inside your equipment with the express purpose of giving you advance notice of potential machine failure in sufficient time to prevent an expensive disaster.