The Heat Map, which shows the facility’s overall energy consumption, is an excellent tool for optimizing scheduling. This chart shows a one-shift operation over a 3 week period. 

In the example above, the Heat Map raises the following questions:

  1. In a one-shift operation, why is there energy consumption during off-hours and weekends? Is it possible some of this can be eliminated?
  2. Why is energy consumption so uneven during the day? Would better scheduling and planning reduce the red blocks that indicate peak consumption?
  3. Similarly, why does energy consumption vary so much from week to week? Is this driven by some uncontrollable demand factors, or would better scheduling and planning reduce the red blocks that indicate peak consumption?

Operating Patterns 

SiteWatch delivers real-time graphs that are especially useful in viewing how a machine is operating and whether it’s healthy or not. The example shows…

  •  4 roof top A/C units with very different cycling patterns. A facilities manager can tell whether those patterns are appropriate for the jobs those units are doing, and alerts can be set so that, if a unit’s operating patterns deviate from ‘normal’, a warning message is sent automatically.
  • An air compressor that is cycling erratically. It’s clear that the unit is cycling relatively normally when under load, but erratically when unloaded. This combination of short-cycling and shutting down frequently will certainly shorten the compressor’s life over time.

Equipment Settings 

SiteWatch provides a unique view into which settings are the most energy-efficient for machines and related equipment.

For example, in a plastics injection-molding plant, with dozens of molding machines of different tonnages, and molds with varying numbers of cavities, SiteWatch can help production managers determine which combination of machines and molds will produce the most output at the least energy cost

Once SW has captured operating data from a machine or group of machines, that data is analyzed and made available in the form of actionable graphs, reports and spreadsheets to machine operators, production managers and anyone else who needs it.

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