SiteWatch can save labor in many ways – both at the plant floor level and at the plant-management or operations-management levels. The more widely the analyzed-data is made available, the better operational decisions can be made.

Plant Floor Level

  • Provide operators with a single dashboard for real-time viewing of…
    • Equipment health
    • Machine performance
    • Energy consumption
    • Running hours
  • Eliminates the need for data-gathering from equipment that is not part of an automation or control system. (Data can be captured and transmitted from most types of equipment.)

Plant Management Level

    • PLC data can be captured digitally.
    • No keying-in of manually-collected data.
    • Operator performance can be viewed in real time in terms of experience, knowledge and training.
    • One-click Management reports
    • Standard Modular Reports - daily/weekly/monthly/annually
    • Custom Reports for any KPI - e.g., production vs energy-used

All Levels

  • SiteWatch's Alerting system gives warning of machine ill-health leading to declining performance, increasing maintenance and ultimately failure.
  • Alerts are user-adjustable and flexible, based on…
    • Energy use above or below certain levels, or between two levels.
    • Energy use for more, or less, than a specified amount of time.
    • Machine operation during peak cost periods.

Modular Reports

SiteWatch has a comprehensive plug’n’play reporting system that enables users to build reports by selecting modules from a list of about 50 options - at the push of a button. Examples of available modules are available at…

SiteWatch Modules PDF Coming Soon!

The user decides which modules are of most interest – and at what frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or on specified dates) – and the system builds the report.

Custom Reports

We are continually expanding our report-writing capability to build reports designed specifically for each of our customers’ issues, concerns and periodic reporting requirements. For example…

  • Internal Reports - such as cost of production, or changes in energy consumption over time, or benchmarking individual machines, production lines or entire plants against each other.
  • External Reports - such as progress toward ISO 50001 compliance or other sustainability targets.

Here's an example of a custom report:

SiteWatch Custom Report Example PDF Coming Soon!