SiteWatch Management Views are designed to help decision makers with day-to-day facility operations. With available report modules and limitless custom reporting options, stay informed on monitored equipment and energy use in real-time.

Gain insight into equipment, how it is operated, and the energy cost for running during operating (production, occupied) or non-operating (non-production, unoccupied) hours.

Understand how energy flows through your facility, which are the major energy users and usage types, as well as where attention should be focused. Energy flow can be presented by day, week, month, or annually.

What can a flow chart tell you? In this example, a hospital operations manager was able to quantify the amount of energy flowing to specific equipment and usage types (HVAC, lighting, plug loads) to focus staff attention on areas where energy savings could be achieved:

How important is it to know which devices use the most energy each week? Do the main energy users change over time? This example reporting module – which ranks the top 10 energy-consuming machines in a facility - is used by management to focus attention and resources on specific machines and production lines:

Is there value in understanding how machines contribute to demand costs, such as peak demand charges and capacity tags? Which machines are operating during those peak hours? When data is collected on major energy users, decisions on when and how machinery operates can be backed up with real information, and changes made to reduce costs can be validated over time: