Verify Production Efficiency

Energy-efficiency equipment upgrades have historically required multiple assumptions and estimates before and after the upgrade.  Some of these estimates come from comparing new equipment name-plate data with old equipment name-plate data which can show  significantly greater basic efficiency, but the actual payback depends on multiple factors which are often estimated – e.g. run-time, loading and external temperatures -.

Instead, you can install SiteWatch on the existing equipment for a period before committing to the upgrade, so you’ll have actual, dependable measurements (including external temperatures) rather than estimates. Then, after the upgrade, you can verify the actual payback on your investment.

Here’s an actual example from a food manufacturer.  The report compares 20 noodle cookers; the length of the bar indicates the amount of energy used to cook 100 pounds of product.  The client suspected that some cookers were more efficient than others, but they were shocked to learn that the least-efficient machine used 10X the energy required by the most efficient machine to cook 100 pounds of noodles.

This type of measurement makes fact-based investment decisions easier than ever before.


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