SiteWatch 360 is very flexible, which makes it useful for many different applications around a commercial building or a factory. Every sensor or meter in existence was originally designed and built because somebody wanted to track some specific type of data. Conceptually, SiteWatch 360 can be thought of as a tree trunk with many branches where each branch is a different application.

There is also a wide variety of single-purpose software platforms available in the U.S. (e.g., leak detection, air quality) and some companies use several of them. The advantage of SiteWatch 360, however, is that you only need to buy one platform with a single login, and the user only needs to be trained once rather than multiple times on different platforms.

SiteWatch's first-generation monitoring system was focused primarily on electricity usage, but we learned that many companies, especially manufacturers need to monitor and measure many other engineering variables, often for overlaying on each other to identify correlations and possibly causation.

So we developed a second-generation platform — called SiteWatch 360 — capable of monitoring and analyzing almost any data type. The table below shows some of the parameters that can be monitored.

Industrial Boilers
Electricity Natural Gas Water-Flow
Steam Temperature Refrigeration Temp
CO2 Emissions Humidity
Thermocouples Pulse Counters Air Quality
Open-Closed (doors) Acceleration Pressure
Air Velocity Motion/Occupancy Vibration
Button Press Differential Pressure Food Probes
Vehicle Detection Soil Moisture Liquid Levels
PLCs 0-20mA Fire & Smoke Distance/Level
Fluid Leaks Sound Desk Occupancy
Visible Light Liquid Density Object Tracking
VOCs Infrared Light Tilt

SiteWatch 360 can capture virtually any digital or analog signal, regardless of the type of sensor or meter that's generating it, and then transmit that signal via a LoRa network to SiteWatch 360.