SiteWatch 360's monitoring and measurement capabilities can significantly lower a facility's operating costs in three ways:

  • Energy is being wasted, either through unnecessary machine run-time or inefficient machine settings
  • The utility rate per kWh is too high because the supply contract doesn't match on-peak/off-peak usage patterns
  • Higher demand peaks are being set than necessary
  • Improved machine reliability and reduced downtime due to better maintenance and early failure alerts
  • Accurate measurement (before) and verification of payback (after) when investing in more energy efficient equipment
Standard and Custom Reports
  • Easy-to-use internal reporting on operating costs and external reporting on ESG compliance or ISO certification
  • Accurate emissions compliance (e.g., GHGs, Carbon Footprint, VOCs)


How can I get all my operating data into one place?

SiteWatch 360's software platform can receive, store and analyze virtually any kind of data from almost any sensor or meter.

Does this include multiple machines or even multiple plants?

Yes, SiteWatch 360 can monitor one machine, a production line, an entire facility or multiple facilities, depending on where you locate the sensors.

Can I overlay my production data with energy-use data?

Yes, with access to your production data, we can do it; or you can download your energy data and you can do it.