Once SW has captured operating data from a machine or group of machines, that data is analyzed and made available in the form of actionable graphs, reports and spreadsheets to machine operators, production managers and anyone else who needs it.  The software license includes unlimited seats, and the analytics are available on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

Hands-on managers in facilities, maintenance, and operations appreciate SiteWatch's ability to present granular data in four intuitive, actionable formats: real-time graphs; heat maps; reports; and alerts.

Real-Time Reports

SiteWatch includes a suite of 48 standard reports, all of which can be customized to reflect your business and your processes.   Reports and alerts are delivered to your dashboard, laptop or mobile device.

Users can easily:

  1. Switch graphs, charts and reports from Amps to kW to kWh to cost in dollars and cents.
  2. Change views and comparison periods from 6 hours to a day, a week, a month or a year.
  3. Move backwards and forwards in time to compare energy consumption and changes in machine performance.
  4. Use multiple graph and chart formats to identify patterns and trends.
  5. Export data to a spreadsheet, or stream data to another software package.

Reports are quickly configurable:

  • In the left-hand column, the user can select the equipment to be displayed. Equipment can be

listed and sorted in 5 different hierarchy options.

  • The upper navigation bar controls the time period.
  • Results can be exported with a click of the mouse.


Heat Maps

Heat maps show when Peak Demand occurs...essential for effective energy management and scheduling.


All Alerts are custom-created for your needs as part of our on boarding process.  In the example below, a pump failed at




SiteWatch includes more than 40 standard reports, all of which can be configured to your needs.  Custom reports are also available.

See the list of standard reports HERE


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