SiteWatch is a game-changer

SiteWatch represents a breakthrough in Operations and Energy Management: a flexible, affordable monitoring system that enables you to view your equipment operation and energy use continuously – at a level of detail you’ve never seen before.

Whether you manage an industrial, commercial, or institutional facility, SiteWatch shows you the real-time energy consumption and operating pattern of every pump, compressor, chiller, oven, fan, and motor of any kind, in your facility.

Our SiteWatch® energy-management and machine-monitoring system uses the best hardware and software currently available in the Industrial IOT industry, including products and services provided by Centrica Business Solutions, GE, Magnelab, OptConnect, Sky Foundry, Intellimation, and Allied Molding.

Immediate financial benefits 

The most immediate benefits include:

  • Identifying Wasted Energy – typically 5% to 20% annual savings
  • Minimizing Equipment Downtime - predictive warning of impending machine failure
  • Improving Operational Efficiency – process settings, scheduling and labor skills
  • Calculating Production Costs and Investment ROI accurately

Energy and Non-Energy Data  

In fact, SiteWatch can handle all types of process data – both energy (kW, kWh, amperage, voltage, power factor and cost) and non-energy (e.g. temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, fluid levels, vibration, etc.)

New and existing sensors

In addition, SiteWatch can incorporate input from

  • our patented clip-on energy sensors
  • new hard-wired sensors if required
  • existing meters (even legacy hard-wired meters)

Consolidated reports

Usage data is consolidated in the Cloud, enabling detailed analysis of energy consumption, as well as data from Building Management Systems, or other legacy systems. SiteWatch presents you with a single, correlated set of reports …you’ll see the operation of your entire facility with a clarity and granularity never before possible.

Predictive failure alerts

It also incorporates an alerting system that provides early warning of machine deterioration and possible failure - in enough time to do something about it.

Fact-based decision-making

SiteWatch can answer these questions that most operations managers need to know – at the push of a button…

  • Energy consumption.  Do you know how much energy your largest or most critical machines consume, and when?
  • Energy efficiency.  Are all your similar machines equally efficient? If not, how unequal are they?
  • Troublesome equipment.  Do you have equipment that is continuously high-maintenance? Would you like to know why?
  • Quantifying leaks. Do you know precisely how much your compressed air leaks are costing you?
  • Operator error.   Do you get a warning when equipment is running unnecessarily?
  • Machine failure. How much does-machine failure or downtime cost you? Would advance warning save time and money?
  • Peak Demand.  Do you know when you set your ‘peak demand’ each week and how to lower it?
  • Payback.  Can you calculate the precise ROI for upgrading equipment? Can you verify the actual payback?

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