Do your company goals include reducing waste, increasing operational efficiency, increasing competitive advantage, strengthening brand reputation and enhancing long-term business viability?

Specifically, SiteWatch 360 answers key management questions, such as…

  • Energy consumption. How much energy do your largest, or most-critical machines use and when do they use it?
  • Energy efficiency. Are your comparable production lines equally efficient? If not, why not and what can you do about it?
  • Troublesome equipment. Do you have high maintenance equipment? If so, why and what’s causing it?
  • Wasted Energy. Are you alerted when equipment is running unnecessarily or operating outside its normal range?
  • Operator Error. How efficient are inexperienced vs more experienced operators? Where can you improve their skills?
  • Avoiding Downtime. How expensive is machine or production line downtime and would early-warning of failure help?
  • Peak Demand. When do you set your peak demand? Which machines contribute most and how can you change schedules?
  • Investment Payback. What is the promised ROI for new equipment? How can you verify the payback adjusted for actual loads?

SiteWatch's ROI

Every SiteWatch 360 deployment varies in its cost-reduction capability, but our experience is that we consistently save 5 to 10 times our ongoing annual cost through energy-engineering, analytical support and recommendations.

Energy Savings...
  • Eliminating unnecessary machine run-time
  • Identifying wasted energy - leaks, insulation, etc.
  • Machine idle-to-production ratios
Operational Savings…
  • Improving reliability and avoiding downtime
  • Voltage, Current and phase-imbalance
  • Optimizing machine settings for greater productivity
Labor Savings…
  • Gathering data, manual data-entry, report-writing
  • Customized and modular Management reports
  • Identifying Operator inexperience
Maintenance Savings…
  • Electrical imbalance - Voltage, Current and Phase
  • Loads consistently exceeding nameplate FLA
  • Predictive rather than reactive maintenance

In many utility areas, rebates and incentives are offered for energy-reduction projects. These can typically pay for 50-100% of the capital cost of a complete SiteWatch 360 installation. We would be happy to assist you in investigating what incentives are available in your area and how to take advantage of them.