SiteWatch IoT: real-time, continuous energy monitoring and machine management.

The simplest, fastest-to-install, low-cost monitoring system currently available.


  • Where and when you're wasting energy.
  • Track largest machines' energy use.
  • When you set your 'peak demand'.


  • Compare efficiency between machines.
  • Closely monitor critical machines.
  • Track high-maintenance machines.


  • Production downtime is very expensive.
  • Advance warning saves time and money.
  • Manage equipment proactively.



Using self-powered clip-on/clip-off wireless sensors to capture energy consumption SiteWatch® is low-cost and fast-toinstall – about 50-100 machines in less than a day This enables manufacturing personnel to view and manage all their equipment operations, energy use and operator skills.

SiteWatch®️ provides detailed visibility into…
Peak-loads and energy-consumption – by identifying wasted-energy
Machine-failure-warning – by monitoring machine health 24/7.
Machine performance – optimizing processes, settings and output
Operator skills, scheduling & efficiency – for significant labor savings
Predictive-maintenance (PdM) & Condition-based monitoring (CbM)
Better ROI for energy efficiency investments, based on real data

Both energy data and non-energy data are made visible to operators and managers at any level via graphs and concise reports. Users can see the operations of a particular machine, a whole production line, an entire facility, or a group of facilities – with both clarity and granularity.

Specifically, SiteWatch® provides…
Energy monitoring – including amps, volts, kW, kWh, energy cost and power factor.
Non-energy monitoring – such as therms (NG), gallons (water/sewer), and cfm/psi (compressed air/water pumping) by acquiring pulse signals from pulse-meters.
Other parameters – such as temperature, pressure, differential-pressure, humidity, CO2, vibration etc are in the works.

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