SiteWatch provides a unique Energy Monitoring, Operations Management, and Engineering Support solution using advanced wireless IoT technology to help companies understand and effectively manage energy use and equipment operations to achieve efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

Energy monitoring in support of operational efficiency is essential for modern manufacturing and facility management. SiteWatch’s fully integrated energy & operations management solution is not simply an expense, but a cost-reduction tool with many applications.

Specifically, SiteWatch lets you view the performance of your Production and HVAC equipment at multiple levels - i.e. a single machine, a production line, a production floor, an entire facility or multiple facilities - with the data visible on one dashboard. The main benefits are…

Energy Savings
  • Where and when is energy being wasted?
  • Track your largest energy-using machines and equipment
  • When and how is your Peak Demand usage set?
Operating Efficiency
  • Monitor critical machine-health
  • Track high-maintenance equipment
  • Optimize machine settings and processes
Reliability & Sustainability
  • Advance warning of machine failure avoids downtime
  • Benchmark/compare machine, production line, or process efficiency
  • Maintain equipment proactively

SiteWatch is the Swiss-Army-Knife of real-time equipment monitoring. It can save manufacturers a great deal in terms of energy-cost, machine-reliability, management time and improved maintenance.

In many utility areas, rebates and incentives are offered for energy-reduction projects, which in most cases would pay for 50-100% of the capital cost of a complete SiteWatch installation.

Learn About Our No-Cost Pilot Program

Modern Facility-Management and Manufacturing

Whether you have sustainability goals, efficiency targets, or sub-metering requirements (e.g. ISO 50001), modern operations for facility-management and manufacturing require economically-sound processes to minimize environmental impact while conserving energy and natural resources.

To help achieve these goals, SiteWatch provides…

  • Real-time monitoring of electricity, natural gas, water flow and air flow
  • One-day Installation. Lifetime warranty IoT sensors are clip-on, self-powered, and wireless
  • Easy-to-use software allows quick and detailed comparison of real-time and historical data
  • Easily scalable from a pilot to full plant deployment, with all data visible in one place
  • Early-warning of machine-failure to improve reliability and avoid downtime
  • Labor savings with 50 Management Reports at-the-push-of-a-button
  • Ongoing support from our engineers includes training, upgrades, and consulting services
  • Fast payback. Immediate energy savings & peak demand management enable a fast ROI

Regular Data Reviews are included. Most companies have insufficient internal bandwidth to review their data regularly, so our ongoing service includes regular quarterly data reviews by our experienced engineers, which injects a degree of discipline into the process.

Your Company Goals

Do your company goals include reducing waste, increasing operational efficiency, increasing competitive advantage, strengthening brand reputation and enhancing long-term business viability?

SiteWatch provides the detailed data necessary to analyze and measure progress towards these goals.

Specifically, SiteWatch answers key management questions, such as…

  • Energy consumption. How much energy do your largest, or most-critical machines use and when do they use it?
  • Energy efficiency. Are your comparable production lines equally efficient? If not, why not and what can you do about it?
  • Troublesome equipment. Do you have high maintenance equipment? If so, why and what’s causing it?
  • Wasted Energy. Are you alerted when equipment is running unnecessarily or operating outside its normal range?
  • Operator Error. How efficient are inexperienced vs more experienced operators? Where can you improve their skills?
  • Avoiding Downtime. How expensive is machine or production line downtime and would early-warning of failure help?
  • Peak Demand. When do you set your peak demand? Which machines contribute most and how can you change schedules?
  • Investment Payback. What is the promised ROI for new equipment? How can you verify the payback adjusted for actual loads?

SiteWatch's ROI

Every SiteWatch deployment varies in its cost-reduction capability, but our experience is that we consistently save 5 to 10 times our ongoing annual cost through energy-engineering, analytical support and recommendations.

Energy Savings...
  • Eliminating unnecessary machine run-time
  • Identifying wasted energy - leaks, insulation, etc.
  • Machine idle-to-production ratios
Operational Savings…
  • Improving reliability and avoiding downtime
  • Voltage, Current and phase-imbalance
  • Optimizing machine settings for greater productivity
Labor Savings…
  • Gathering data, manual data-entry, report-writing
  • Customized and modular Management reports
  • Identifying Operator inexperience
Maintenance Savings…
  • Electrical imbalance - Voltage, Current and Phase
  • Loads consistently exceeding nameplate FLA
  • Predictive rather than reactive maintenance

In many utility areas, rebates and incentives are offered for energy-reduction projects. These can typically pay for 50-100% of the capital cost of a complete SiteWatch installation. We would be happy to assist you in investigating what incentives are available in your area and how to take advantage of them.