Many wireless monitoring and measurement systems available in the US are "closed" systems meaning that they don't easily communicate with other systems such as building management systems or SCADA systems. SiteWatch 360, on the other hand, is an "open" system which means that data can be imported from, or exported to, other software platforms, and can be viewed simultaneously on both platforms.

Using more than one platform has the advantage of showing different displays, such as graphs, charts, or reports, which may be more detailed or more meaningful on one platform than another.

Specifically, SiteWatch 360 has very sophisticated energy analytics, which allow the user to view a wide range of variables — for a single machine or group of machines (e.g., a production line), such as…

  • Running hours
  • Total usage in kWh
  • Peak demand in kW
  • Average load
  • Load factor
  • Time above FLA
  • # of cycles per hour or day
  • # of stop/starts per shift or day
Gas Compressor

This data can be presented in a wide variety of different standard report formats within SiteWatch 360 (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) or it can be imported into any custom report format you prefer.

Many of our customers use SiteWatch's data on two platforms simultaneously — our own SiteWatch 360 "all-data" platform and any other platform they're using such as a BMS or SCADA system.