Energy Cost/Savings

Is there a way to identify where, when, and how I'm wasting energy?

Yes SiteWatch 360 can display detailed data showing where energy is likely being wasted through unnecessary run-time, etc.

How much of my power bill is overall usage versus demand?

Depending on your utility, roughly 1/3 of your bill is for (peak) demand and 2/3 for overall kWh usage.

How can I lower my demand peaks?

If you know when you're setting peaks, you can shift part/all of the load to other times of day by staggering machine start-ups or moving loads from peak to off-peak.

Can I speed up my end of month energy-use reports without having to wait for my power bill?

Yes you can create an up-to-the minute report at any time with a single click - on the first day of the following month if you want.

Can I get a warning if a major machine is running during on-peak hours?

Yes, you can set an alert to warn you if any machine that's being monitored runs during a particular time period.

Reliability/Avoiding Downtime

Can I get early warning that a machine is deteriorating and might fail?

Yes, SiteWatch 360 can alert you if one machine or multiple machines are operating outside their normal power-draw range(s).

How can I improve my maintenance scheduling?

SiteWatch 360 provides detailed data that helps you move to predictive or condition-based maintenance.

How can I keep track of the run-times and loads on key machines?

SiteWatch 360's Maintenance Interval Guide provides data concerning machine running hours and loading.

Data Centralization

How can I get all my operating data into one place?

SiteWatch 360's software platform can receive, store and analyze virtually any kind of data from almost any sensor or meter.

Does this include multiple machines or even multiple plants?

Yes, SiteWatch 360 can monitor one machine, a production line, an entire facility or multiple facilities, depending on where you locate the sensors.

Can I overlay my production data with energy-use data?

Yes, with access to your production data, we can do it; or you can download your energy data and you can do it.


Is there a way to simplify my reporting on things like Carbon Footprint, GHGs, etc.?

SiteWatch 360 has built-in "standard" reports for various sustainability needs, or we can easily build custom reports for you.

Can I track the cost of running specific machines accurately?

Yes, you can track the cost of operating any single machine, of a group of them, in detail down to 5 minute intervals.

How can I comply with local regulations like NYC's Local Law 97?

Our standard reports can provide all the data for LL97 reporting, but you can also create a custom report to suit your needs.

Is there a way to make ESG reporting easier?

There are very few "standard" reports in the ESG world, but we or you can build custom reports for your needs.

Operating Costs

How can I verify that a cost-saving initiative has, in fact, saved money?

SiteWatch 360 can provide detailed comparative energy cost data both before and after an energy efficiency project.

What is the easiest way to find out the cost of running a particular machine on different settings?

SiteWatch 360 will measure and report on energy use at each setting. Production data can be overlaid on this data.

How fast can I start monitoring 50-100 machines?

Installing SiteWatch 360 takes about 1 day on up to 50-100 machines, once someone selects which machines are to be monitored.

Can I avoid installing sub-meters on most of my equipment?

With SiteWatch 360's amperage sensors on individual circuits and our power meter on the system as a whole, there's no need to install hard-wired sub-meters, which take longer and cost considerably more.