Do your company goals include reducing energy consumption, increasing machine efficiency, moving to condition-based maintenance, easy reporting through modular 'one-click' reports or fast-build custom reports to match ESG, carbon footprint or other requirements?

Specifically, SiteWatch 360 answers key management questions, such as…

  • Energy consumption. How much energy do your largest, or most-critical machines use and when do they use it?
  • Energy efficiency. Are your comparable production lines equally efficient? If not, why not and what can you do about it?
  • Troublesome equipment. Do you have high maintenance equipment? If so, why and what’s causing it?
  • Wasted Energy. Are you alerted when equipment is running unnecessarily or operating outside its normal range?
  • Operator Error. How efficient are inexperienced vs more experienced operators? Where can you improve their skills?
  • Avoiding Downtime. How expensive is machine or production line downtime and would early-warning of failure help?
  • Peak Demand. When do you set your peak demand? Which machines contribute most and how can you change schedules?
  • Investment Payback. What is the promised ROI for new equipment? How can you verify the payback adjusted for actual loads?

SiteWatch's ROI

Every SiteWatch 360 deployment varies in its cost-reduction capability, but our experience is that we consistently save 5 to 10 times our ongoing annual cost through energy-engineering, analytical support and recommendations.

Energy Savings…
  • Eliminating unnecessary machine run-time
  • Identifying wasted energy — leaks, insulation, etc.
  • Machine idle-to-production ratios
Operational Savings…
  • Improving reliability and avoiding downtime
  • Voltage, current and phase imbalance
  • Optimizing machine settings for greater productivity
Labor Savings…
  • Gathering data, manual data-entry, report-writing
  • Customized and modular management reports
  • Identifying operator inexperience
Maintenance Savings…
  • Electrical imbalance — voltage, current and phase
  • Loads consistently exceeding nameplate FLA
  • Predictive rather than reactive maintenance

For manufacturers, the reliability of primary production equipment and secondary support equipment is critical. Downtime can be catastrophically expensive in terms of the cost of replacement parts, engineering time to install them, missed production targets and deadlines, as well as making up volume on less efficient machines.

In many utility areas, rebates and incentives are offered for energy-reduction projects. These can typically pay for 50-100% of the capital cost of a complete SiteWatch 360 installation. We would be happy to assist you in investigating what incentives are available in your area and how to take advantage of them.