While SiteWatch 360 can measure a wide variety of engineering variables, there are typically five types of users who need accurate views into the company's data at multiple levels:

Executive/General Management
  • May need to view the performance, efficiency and reliability of their production equipment balanced against the cost of operating it
  • Will usually need regular reports on efficiency, waste and the company's effect on the environment
Plant Operations
  • Operations managers need to be able to see the performance and efficiency of single machines, groups of machines (all the compressors), production lines — often by product type
  • Senior management may require multiple levels of internal reports, which often take time to produce
Maintenance Managers or Plant Engineers
  • For personnel responsible for the company's maintenance intervals and procedures across a wide variety of machines, SiteWatch 360 can provide detailed data pertaining to one (or more) machines' power use, running hours, loading for each running hour, cycles/hour and stops/starts per shift or day, all of which are indicators of machine stress, potentially leading to failure.
Financial Management
  • May need to view levels of output from major production equipment, cost of production — in terms of labor, energy and raw materials — per unit of output
  • Machine maintenance costs at different levels of production are also vital
Sustainability and Environmental Manager
  • Need accurate data to comply with internal and external standards that are increasingly important to many investors
  • May need to track the company's carbon footprint or GHG emissions, as well as environmental parameters for ESG reporting, which can consume a great deal ofttimes and effort