SiteWatch 360 is a sophisticated cost-reduction system. The ROI varies for different users — who have different concerns and inefficiencies — but it usually comes from 4 main areas…

Energy Savings…
  • Reducing total consumption (kWh) — e.g., unnecessary run-time — evenings, weekends, etc. (~2/3rd of your total power bill)
  • Identifying wasted energy — leaks, insulation, etc.
  • Reducing peak demand (kW) by identifying timing of peaks and lowering them (~1/3rd of your total power bill)
Operational Savings…
  • Improved reliability and downtime-avoidance — better maintenance scheduling
  • Optimizing machine settings for maximum output and minimum energy-use
  • Re-adjust machine settings for optimum integration with other machines
Car Factory Line
Circuit Boards
Labor Savings…
  • Eliminating manual data-gathering and data-entry
  • Instant one-click management reports (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Easy-build custom reports for GHG, carbon footprint, ISO, and ESG reporting
Maintenance Savings…
  • Electrical imbalance — voltage, current and phase
  • High loads consistently above FLAs
  • SiteWatch 360's Maintenance Interval Guide enables predictive or condition-based maintenance