Reduce Waste, Improve Sustainability 

Energy savings typically derive from two sources:  human behavior and machine inefficiency.

Human behavior includes:

  1. Leaving lights on and equipment running when they should be switched off. Are you certain that your lights are off when the facility is idle? What about the rooftop units?  Are they running when they are not needed?What about equipment in a remote facility?
  2. Operating equipment incorrectly-One of our clients has confirmed that he can identify experienced versus inexperienced operators by observing the efficiency of their machine operation.

Machine inefficiency:

Mechanical inefficiency is the other source of waste. Air compressors, for example, are notorious energy-wasters because they always leak.  As a consequence, they waste energy maintaining positive pressure to keep moisture out of the leaky system.

The exhibit on the right shows an air compressor consuming about 50kW an hour when unloaded. It is idling most of the time, then shutting down when the system reaches its target pressure (or if a VFD is preventing lower speed operation) and starting up again when the pressure drops.

Clearly this compressor is consuming about 50kW simply to keep the system pressurized. This is a 24x7 problem, because it’s using 50kW just to keep up with the leaks, in addition to supplying any demand from the plant. The annual cost to this customer was 50kW x 8760 hours/year x almost 6 cents/kWh equals at least $25,000/year.

The SiteWatch Savings Guarantee

We are so confident in our solution that we GUARANTEE that SiteWatch will identify at least 10% energy savings, or we will refund the cost of the hardware and remove the system at our expense. 


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