SiteWatch 360 has several types of output, including graphs, charts, alerts and reports. Graphs, charts and alerts can be used to display information (and sometimes warnings) in real time or historically, depending on the date period you pick — from a few minutes ago to a year or more ago.

Reports, on the other hand, are typically used for historical comparisons, particularly to see trends in energy consumption and/or machine performance over time. Reports can also contain graphs, charts and diagrams to illustrate different levels of performance during different time periods. They come in two types:

  • Standard Reports. These are pre-designed reports which provide basic engineering information that SiteWatch 360 collects without your having to design the report yourself. They can be setup on a repeatable schedule (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, annually).
  • Custom Reports are created for specific purposes needed for the operation of you plant. You need to choose several things — the date range, the pieces of equipment and the parameters you want to track (e.g., kW, kWh, water flow, water temperature, airflow, air pressure). After that, you choose the kinds of charts and graphs you'd like to include and finally the frequency you'd like to receive the report and who else you'd like it to go to.
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In addition to infinitely flexible reports, we can quickly and easily build customized dashboards to customers' specs for use internally or in public spaces such as office-building lobbies. Indeed, SiteWatch 360 provides a "widget" toolset that enables dashboard components to be added, removed and resized in minutes by dragging and dropping. Users can utilize this tool too.

Given clear design instructions, our programmers can build ANY kind of report you need within a few days, provided the data is being captured by a sensor or a meter. If there's no signal currently, we can help you choose a sensor or meter to create one.


Is there a way to simplify my reporting on things like Carbon Footprint, GHGs, etc.?

SiteWatch 360 has built-in "standard" reports for various sustainability needs, or we can easily build custom reports for you.

Can I track the cost of running specific machines accurately?

Yes, you can track the cost of operating any single machine, of a group of them, in detail down to 5 minute intervals.

How can I comply with local regulations like NYC's Local Law 97?

Our standard reports can provide all the data for LL97 reporting, but you can also create a custom report to suit your needs.

Is there a way to make ESG reporting easier?

There are very few "standard" reports in the ESG world, but we or you can build custom reports for your needs.