SiteWatch 360 is very flexible, which makes it useful for multiple applications around a commercial building or a factory. Every sensor or meter in existence was originally designed and built because somebody wanted to track a specific kind of data. Conceptually, SiteWatch 360 can be thought of the swiss army life if monitoring tools, where each tool can solve different problem.

By contrast, there are also a wide variety of single-purpose software platforms available in the U.S. (e.g., leak detection, air quality etc. — see chart below) which are not multi-purpose. Some companies use several of them to monitor various parameters in their plant. The advantage of SiteWatch 360 is that you only need to buy one platform with a single login, and the user only needs to be trained once rather than multiple times on different platforms.

Multiple Variables

Manufacturers, in particular, need to monitor many variables, so SiteWatch 360 has been designed to capture and transmit any variable, which can then be analyzed and converted into useful/actionable information — in the form of graphs, tables, charts, reports and alerts. The table below shows some of the variables that can be monitored.

Industrial Boilers
Electricity Natural Gas Water-Flow
Steam Temperature Refrigeration Temp
CO2 Emissions Humidity
Thermocouples Pulse Counters Air Quality
Open-Closed (doors) Acceleration Pressure
Air Velocity Motion/Occupancy Vibration
Button Press Differential Pressure Food Probes
Vehicle Detection Soil Moisture Liquid Levels
PLCs 0-20mA Fire & Smoke Distance/Level
Fluid Leaks Sound Desk Occupancy
Visible Light Liquid Density Object Tracking
VOCs Infrared Light Tilt

SiteWatch 360 can capture virtually any digital or analog signal, regardless of the type of sensor or meter that's generating it, and then transmit that signal via a LoRa network to the SiteWatch 360 analytical platform.

Our goal was to create an inexpensive, easy to use, quick-to-install, fully wireless monitoring and measurement system, which is modular by design to serve the needs of small, medium, and large customers.

Very Rapid Deployment

SiteWatch 360 can be installed easily within a couple of days with data flowing immediately. The data is stored in a single database rather than multiple data-silos, providing clear, accurate insight into the actual operating patterns of any type of machinery, without the use of guesswork or estimates. It is especially useful for GEMs (Global Energy Managers) who have responsibility for multiple plants using many different types of equipment of different ages and efficiency…

  • They can view the performance of a single machine, a group of machines, a specific production line, a whole production floor, or multiple sites across the world — all on a single dashboard.
  • They can select the data they'd like to see — either in real-time, or historically — for any period that data has been collected.
  • In addition to easy-to-understand graphs and charts, they get a wide array of management reports — all with a single click — as well as alerts when machine-performance is beginning to deteriorate.

Other platform capabilities include a sophisticated, but easy to use, reporting system and compound alerting system…

  • Custom reporting is also available on all these parameters, as well as any specific KPIs needed, such as production-output per unit of energy or per running-hour, or both.
  • Compound alerts for machine deterioration (potentially leading to failure) can be set. If several conditions are met — e.g. high power-draw, low cooling-water volume and high cooling-water temperature — for a pre-set period of time — an alert will be sent.