CHALLENGE:  A global farm equipment manufacturer allocates energy expense to its operating units, and the “owners” of those cost centers are tasked with managing/reducing those costs.  The problem is that the “owners” don’t have the information they need to accomplish their task.

SOLUTION:  We designed a pilot installation in one manufacturing center.  With real-time, continuous monitoring of every major circuit, management now has the ability to view the operating patterns and energy use of every compressor, pump, and motor with a degree of granularity never seen before.

BENEFITS:  The benefits were immediate and material.  Management can now:

  • Validate their energy consumption based on data, not estimates.
  • Identify and reduce energy waste
  • Manage demand and peak load
  • Predict and prevent equipment failure

As a result of the success of this initial installation, the company will roll out SiteWatch company-wide.