As the American workforce ages and retires, many of our clients report difficulty in training and managing their new replacements.  One of our clients, a manufacturer of lead products, uses SiteWatch as a solution.

Brian H, the Manager at their PA facility, reports that SiteWatch assists with both training and supervision…

“Our manufacturing operations are materially impacted by the operators’ skills.  SiteWatch allows me to see in great detail exactly how the equipment was operated.  For the first time, I have hard evidence of what happened, rather than having to rely on a ‘story’ told by an operator.

“I can clearly see the patterns that differentiate an experienced operator versus a new hire, and I can use these data points to train the novice.

“SiteWatch is also invaluable in monitoring events in our remote locations.  I always wondered if the operators started on time…now I know. “

If your company is challenged to train and manage new operators, visit us at to learn more about how SiteWatch can help.