We’ve just finished installing SiteWatch at a half-dozen MAJOR GLOBAL manufacturers, all of which had SCADA systems already in place.

Here’s what they told us about their rationale:
1. SCADA systems are primarily process control systems.
2. They were expensive and time-consuming to install.
3. They were not set up to measure energy consumption.
4. Energy conservation and sustainability have now become important objectives.
5. It is easier and cheaper to measure energy consumption with SiteWatch’s clip-on sensors than it is to modify the existing SCADA system.
6. SiteWatch can be used to inform the SCADA system, or it can run as a standalone solution.

In addition,
7. The SiteWatch system is easy to learn and easy to access. Custom alerts and intuitive visualizations make it much easier to use than the legacy systems.
8. The SiteWatch solution includes ongoing consulting and engineering support as part of the monthly subscription. This type of post-installation support is generally missing from the SCADA system.