How Much Will I Save?

Commercial end users:  The table below from the Department of Energy estimates the savings resulting from installing meters in commercial tenant buildings.  Savings can vary depending on the size and age of the building and hours of operation.

Industrial and manufacturing end users can achieve much greater savings, primarily due to the energy intensity of production. Installing an energy management system will not only provide real-time data to drive various energy and cost reduction initiatives, but also provide invaluable data for machine health and maintenance.

 How Much Will It Cost?

A recent DOA report estimated the cost of monitoring to be as high as $1,500 per data point (a point can be a digital or analog signal).  In fact, the advent of wireless metering has now driven that down to roughly $200 per data point per year.

 The SiteWatch Advantage

Of all the wireless energy monitoring systems available, SiteWatch is demonstrably the best.

  • Inexpensive – just $50 per senor
  • Wireless – patented snap-on sensors are quick and easy to install
  • Comprehensive suite of reports and custom alerts
  • Self-powered – no batteries to replace

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it:  These sensors are so inexpensive that it is no practical and affordable to install sensors on every major motor, fan, and pump.  You’ll see your energy consumption as never before – with a clarity and granularity that has never before been affordable or even possible.

Machine Health and Failure Prevention:  The sensors installed on critical components can warn you of imminent failure – in time to prevent costly downtime .

Affordable efficiency:  A basic 50-sensor installation costs less than $900 per month, including scoping, installation, data services with unlimited seats, and dedicated technical support if needed.

This is the technology of the future…improving industrial management through IoT.


SiteWatch is available exclusively through Applied Energy Partners.  Read more abot it on our website, or call us at 484-406-5400 to learn how SiteWatch