Installing an IoT solution used to be viewed as a mammoth task:

  • Difficult and expensive to install
  • Time-consuming to master and manage

New technology has changed the playing field…our planning target is now 7 days from inquiry to installation.

SiteWatch can be scoped and installed in less than a week, and a 50-sensor installation will cost just $10,000 to install, plus $7,500 per year for the ongoing data and engineering support services.  With a total cost of less than $25,000 for a two-year contract, SiteWatch typically pays for itself within 90 days.

All we need is a few hours of your time to assist with the scoping, and a few hours of your electrician’s time for the installation.  We handle everything else.

Think about that:

  • Real-time energy monitoring and machine management
  • A minimal investment of your time
  • A significant improvement in
    • Energy savings
    • Machine failure prevention
    • Process improvement
  • At an affordable price