We are consulting with a regional food processor that packs over 3 million bushels of apples per year.  They are passionate about their mission – healthy snacking – and they are committed to continuous improvement.
Their production process has three significant costs:
·     Produce (apples)
·     Labor
·     Electricity
The company runs two production lines and packages 5-10 different apple varieties daily.  They intend to use SiteWatch to optimize their production and minimize electricity consumption. Specifically, they want SiteWatch to identify:
1)   Which of the two lines is most efficient as determined by cost / production?
2)   Which line is best suited to handle partial runs to meet sales demands?
3)   Which line is best suited to run multiple apple varieties versus a single variety for longer durations?
4)   What is the cost of production line downtime due to maintenance and/or motor failure?
5)   What is the cost of the Air Compression System leaks?
SiteWatch will bring operational transparency to this company for the first time; and enable them to eliminate energy waste, reduce production line downtime, and improve operational efficiency.