If you use more than 3M kWh of electricity per year, and you are paying around 7 cents per kWh (including distribution and supply), Site Watch will pay for itself every year by identifying just 5% in energy savings.  And according to the Department of Energy, 5% is the LEAST you can expect…

The Savings are Documented
Here’s a summary compiled by the GSA, based on Department of Energy data:

In summary, this table demonstrates that you can expect to save 5-15% by improved management of operations and electrical loads. That’s exactly what SiteWatch helps you do.

Let’s Do The Math…
A typical 50-sensor installation costs just $25,000 for the initial two-year contract, including hardware; software; onboarding; and consulting and engineering support for the life of the contract. Renewal costs just $7,500 per year.

How SiteWatch Pays for Itself
If your annual electricity budget is $250,000 or more, saving just 5% of your budget pays for the first two years of your SiteWatch system and the savings repeats every year. In our experience, this is the least you can expect.

What SiteWatch Does
SiteWatch uses inexpensive, wireless, self-powered sensors, coupled with elegant, intuitive software that makes it easy to monitor critical equipment in real time.

The benefits are immediate:
• Identify wasted energy and peak demand reductions
• Predict and prevent equipment failure
• Continuous improvement by optimizing settings and procedures
• Fact-based decision making

SiteWatch IoT is the simplest, fastest, least-expensive way to turn a legacy facility into a Connected Factory. Because the wireless sensors snap onto the circuits, a typical 50-sensor installation can be completed in less than a day, and data begins flowing Day One.

Risk-Free Pilot Trial
For a limited time, we are offering a Risk-Free 60-Day Trial.