SiteWatch Clients Add Additional Sites

August 13, 2019By Rod HeckmanFollow Our Blog

Following a successful initial installation, three more of our Clients have expanded SiteWatch to additional locations. These are global companies, with multiple manufacturing locations, and we are very grateful for their ratification of SiteWatch’s value. Interestingly, each of them had a different objective when they initially installed SiteWatch; here’s what they found: – A major … Read More

GOT SCADA? Why You Still Need SiteWatch…

July 24, 2019By Rod HeckmanFollow Our Blog

We’ve just finished installing SiteWatch at a half-dozen MAJOR GLOBAL manufacturers, all of which had SCADA systems already in place. Here’s what they told us about their rationale: 1. SCADA systems are primarily process control systems. 2. They were expensive and time-consuming to install. 3. They were not set up to measure energy consumption. 4. … Read More

The 7-Day IIoT Solution

June 24, 2019By Rod HeckmanFollow Our Blog

Can you imagine having a world-class IoT system up and running in 7 days? • Wireless, self-powered, clip-on energy sensors • Comprehensive suite of reports and alerts • Reduce your energy expense • Predict and prevent equipment failure • Optimize settings and processes We believe our SiteWatch IoT platform is the simplest, most effective, most … Read More

IIoT Early Adopters are onto something

June 24, 2019By Rod HeckmanFollow Our Blog

If you are wondering how the Internet of Things can help you increase profitability and cut back on fire-fighting, you might want to take a moment to read a special report from Plant Services magazine describing the benefits experienced by IIoT early adopters. The article describes the successful IoT implementation at Stamford University, who upgraded … Read More

SiteWatch Success Story

June 24, 2019By Rod HeckmanFollow Our Blog

We recently installed a Risk-Free Pilot Trial for a major ink manufacturer. This client has 15 manufacturing locations in the US (50 around the globe), and they are a market leader in ink sold to the packaging industry. We installed 22 sensors and 4 bridges for the initial Pilot. We had one of our senior … Read More

How to Choose The Right Energy Monitoring Provider

April 4, 2018By Follow Our Blog

Disruptive technologies are dramatically changing the electricity monitoring landscape.  Lower costs, real time results, actionable reports and alerts are the new norm.  All at a fraction of the cost you’d pay just a few years ago. It is all made possible by the advent of new energy management sensors that are completely self-powered, and so … Read More

Quantifying Energy Monitoring and Management Systems

March 5, 2018By Follow Our Blog

HOW MUCH WILL I SAVE? AND HOW MUCH WILL IT COST ME?   How Much Will I Save? Commercial end users:  The table below from the Department of Energy estimates the savings resulting from installing meters in commercial tenant buildings.  Savings can vary depending on the size and age of the building and hours of … Read More

Aluminum Foundry Identifies IMMEDIATE Payout from SiteWatch

December 5, 2017By Follow Our Blog

One of our clients – an aluminum foundry – installed SiteWatch in August of this year, and-within the first 30 days- identified savings that would pay for the entire system. The specific savings opportunities were: Energy Savings – by addressing leakage from the Compressed Air system Machine Failure Prevention – by identifying oven-operating issues. ENERGY … Read More

SiteWatch™ Makes Waves at MABFM’17

December 5, 2017By Follow Our Blog

Over 600 exhibitors and attendees at the Mid-Atlantic Building and Facility Management Show in Edison, NJ. were introduced to the SiteWatch™ energy-monitoring and equipment-management system last month. In his seminar address, Kit Gutteridge, President of Applied Energy Partners, told the attendees that “rapid breakthroughs in real-time  machine-operations and energy-monitoring technologies are powerful, cost effective, and … Read More